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Much More Than This

Words Of Knowledge:
Somebody may steal your resources, but he cannot steal your Source.
                                    Bishop David Abioye

"The Lord is able to give thee much more than this"
                                          II Chronicles 25:9

Reverend Mike Okonkwo in one of his telecasts related the story of a farmer in Ghana, that really stirred up my soul, made my day and made an inner change and outer approach towards financial and material things for life and eternity.
Being an illiterate, this farmer though rich, does not bank his money, but always keep them with him in his farm house. As time goes by, the Ghanaian government effected a nation wide change of currency of which the farmer, no thanks to his literacy level was not aware of. And in a matter of weeks if not days, all the money he kept in the farm house became nothing but waste papers!
The farmer's son came visiting from the city only to discover to his shock that all the money his father kept are of no more value but common papers fit for the waste bin. So he raised alarm. And what an alarm he raised.
His father asked what the matter is, and he explained to him that all the money his father has kept all these days are now worthless and valueless ordinary papers.
And the farmers response?
Calmly, betraying no emotions, he replied his son, "we will make another one"
Even I myself expecting 'yawa' to 'gas' and all sort of dramatic displays from this farmer, in reaction to his huge loss, heaved a sign of relief at his response. At least for not spoiling my afternoon, but rather making my day, which happened to be a Sunday!
No one is praying for losses of any kind, be it business, material or financial, even human. But should it happen, we've gotten a "much more than this" Restorer of all losses. And if the gramarians will permit me, I will call Him The Replacer of all losses. The One Whose compensation plan surpass that of all world risk insurers put together.
Don't worry, you will make another one. Or do I say rather, The Lord will give you another one far better than this. 
Or what could be more painful than losing a fiancee to the cold hands of the grim reaper, on a month of June like this in Jimeta - Yola? Of course it's like the world has come to an end? But God The Source of all things, from Whom all blessing flows, gave me another one. And I would rather not add the words "much more than...." lest I play the fool and go into comparison and offend my would have been in-laws, who I am still in close touch with.
Otherwise, what could have been more valuable than a life? Yet God gave me another one, and still gave the family another reason to rejoice, compared to the loss.
God will give you another reason to rejoice, no matter what you have lost. The worst far the enemy can go is after the resources be it human or material. But not The Source. The Source of all things cannot be lost stolen or destroyed.  He is indestructible and not perishable. Therefore He is able to restore you double, for He has promised that for your shame, ye shall have double.
So is God able to give you another life, much more  and far far better than your battered sin ravaged old life. He is able to save you and change your your life and give you a new and better hope, if only you can discard those thoughts of wanting to end it all, and throw away that rope or bottle of rat poison and look up unto Jesus for succor and a new hope.
Come to Jesus today, and let Him give you "much more than this"


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