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In Their Own Eyes, Wise; But To God, Fools

Words Of Knowledge:

To God, being honest is wisdom; to the world, it is foolishness. To the world, being dishonest is being smart; to God it is being stupid.
           Soji Omole

"....I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent"
          I Corinthians 1:19

To the world being able to take advantage of others to cheat, defraud and wrongly outsmart them is being wise and clever.  To God it is abominable and foolish.
Vice versa is it to being open and honest, forthright and straight forward as to God being wise. But to the world, there is nothing as foolish as it. They will even refer to you as being daft.
Same goes for all of God's ways and principles to the ways and principles of men. To put it in a simple two word phrase: diametrically opposite.
Just as water and oil can never and will never mix, so are the ways of God and the ways of men.
And that is why all hands must be on deck to stop this futility of trying to harmonise the ways of God to that of the world. All in the way of trying to make the gospel attractive. Can a blood stained wooden cross ever be attractive?
Pressing further and harder to harmonise God's way with the way of men will only lead to compromise somewhere. Which is not only dangerous but perilous. Because God will never adjust nor fine tune His ways to suit the ways of men. Nor will He lower His standard to meet up with the standard of men. For as the heavens are higher than the ground below sea level, so are His ways higher and His thoughts.
What then must we do?
Conform and not compromise.
Conform to His ways, no matter the cost and not to the way of this world. Romans 12:2. We just have to raise the stakes to meet up with His Own standards. And by all means stand our ground and take not a step down in compromise. Nor yield an inch of every conquered territory to the enemy in any area of our lives.
Finally folks, if any is yet to join the train of Redemption, the ticket of which is only repentance from sins and faith in Christ Jesus, today is your day of salvation. Come to Jesus now and turn your back to the world and their unrighteous ways, which they call 'wisdom'
Delay not nor defer action till another day.


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