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In A Matter Of Seconds

Words In Season:
It take months to find a customer but only seconds to lose one.
         @ ABC cargo services Abuja

"To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that faded not away, reserved in heaven for you"
                          I Peter 1:4
It took years not even months to make a disciple out of Judas, but only a few seconds of greed and covetousness to lose him.
It takes months of painstaking labours to build a house but making a rubble out of it is a matter of hours. If the bulldozer and the operator is in top form. I don't know of yours but for many,  it took  years of being preached to, invitations to church and special programmes, handing of tracts to read,  etc before they finally yield to The Master and Saviour. I learnt of a European who prayed for his brother to be saved for decades. Why then must we fritter away this precious faith just in a moment of selfish passion,  lust and self gratification?
And to make matters worse, not knowing how to find our way back to The Master for mercy and restoration, like Peter did after the 3 episodes of "Cockcrow At Dawn"  Even to return to The Almighty and be built up again. If need be, be rebuilt again. But why will some finally thrown in the towel and give up and return to their fishing nets if not that the Master Jesus waded in?
Two things:
2. Despair.
Feeling too proud to face the facts,  like the unfaithful servant,  who said "I cannot dig nor beg" in The Bible.
To dig into the matter and face facts and beg The Master and if need be tender apologies to any both God and man for any wrong doing.
They are too proud if not, too scared. Fear and pride are twosome twin brothers. My tender charge to such is "humble thyself" and "fear not" to face it. 
Others became too disappointed in themselves and felt that the same goes for The Lord and may not want to see their face again.
True, The Lord may be even more disappointed than you are,  yet He loves you too much than to let go of you. I encourage you to return to Him and throw yourself down at His holy feet.
It took and cost Him His sweat and blood to save and redeem you. He can't just give up on you,  just like that!
Others who claim to be 'realists' may preach and teach something like "it is over" Don't believe them. Return to your Maker. He is waiting for you.
Same way I encourage all who feel they are too bad for The Master to ever get time for them again. Jesus got all the time for you. So much time to spare for you. It does not matter how far you have gone in sin, Jesus still get your time and wants to save you. Really, it was because of men like you that He came.
And He is ready to wipe the slate clean, regarding your past. And I mean it in all honesty and sincerity, He is ready to. You too be ready and be humble enough to come to Him today.


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