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He Loves You More Than To Allow You Continue This Way

Words In Season:
God loves you the way you are but He loves you so much than allow you to continue the way you are. Adopted and abridged

"Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yielded the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which exercised thereby"
                                    Hebrews 12:11
God forgives and pardons His children, yet He still disciplines them especially those among them who suppose to know better. There is a way you overlook a one year old who messed up his panties but spank a five or six year old, who does the same. Because you expect that lad to know better than the one year old.
Humanity especially Christians has taken the prayer of Jesus on the cross, as liberty for license to continue sinning against God and their fellow men, then expect grace to abound. After all God commanded us to forgive ourselves, they lamely excuse.
Therefore have many turned the house of God to the house of iniquity, corruption and scandals. A mandate of liberty from oppression has been turned to a mandate of oppression itself.
These may shock you. But hear it. Jesus prayed  ".....Father forgive them, for they knowest not what they doest" especially for the Jews, whose leaders orchestrated His brutal crucifixion. God heard the prayer and did forgive them and did not cast them away. But they paid dearly for it. In A.D. 37, when emperor Titus attacked and captured Jerusalem, Bible history and scholars made us to understand that the blood of Jews and their children flowed like a river on the streets of Jerusalem.

The refiner loves the gold too much than allow him it to remain in this raw powdered form
To make matters worse for themselves, they opened their mouth on that fateful Friday and said "....His blood be on us, and our on children" Matthew 27:25. And God in heaven heard and said, amen!
Can men be this desperate to have things their own way, when it comes to an act of wickedness?
And just like their fathers spoke into His ears in the wilderness, God did exactly that.
In second world war, in the 30s, eighteen million of the children of these same Jews, perished in Adolf Hitler's Gestapo gas chambers in Germany. Apart from other sundry massacres unaccounted for, under the able supervision of a Gestapo chief nicknamed the Butcher of Riga. If any is in doubt, let him pick a copy of the book: "The Odessa File" by Frederick Forsythe.  
"His blood be on us and on our children"
What a self imposed generational spell! All in the name of a momentary self gratification! A self gratification that wants an innocent man nailed at all cost!
Time for us Christians especially to stop taking liberty for license with God's mercy and loving kindness. Time for us wise up grow up. To lay aside every weight and every sin that easily besets, continually perfect holiness in the fear of The Lord. Hebrews 12:1, II Corinthians 7:1
Who shall descend to the hills of The Lord? He that has a pure heart and clean hands
Time to cordially invite any who is yet to know Him - even Jesus, as The Saviour to come to Him and get saved. Jesus is not and can never be tired of saving souls. He can save you today if only you can do your own by part. And that part is repenting of your sins and believing on Him. And He will do His own part, which is to forgive, cleanse and save you. ".....Father forgive them, for they knowest not what they doest"


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