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Believe It And Become It

Words In Season:
The reports you believe in life is what determine the results you get in life.
      Adopted & abridged

"Who art believed our report? and to whom is the hand of The Lord revealed?"
    Isaiah 53:1

Typical of Nigerians, using a question to answer a question is the summary of the above Bible passage.
It is the one who believed the report of The Lord, that the arm of The Lord shall be revealed unto.
A straightforward question, a straightforward answer. To theologise, adumbrate or analyse this passage with homiletic exegetics, is to be wasting precious time and space.
The people of Nazareth would rather stick to the old report of a carpentry boy, who grew up in the trade and inherited his father's workshop shed and tools to eke out a living to sustain his mother and fend for his fourremaning siblings.
And the arm of The Lord was never revealed unto them, save that Jesus laid hand on a few sick folks and healed them. If only to prove them wrong and leave them wondering and more confused. Then went He His way to look for people like us. People like us who are "foolish" enough to beliege His report
People like us who will believe just anything He says and calls Himself in His NEW REPORT, hook line and sinker. And be ready to sink and drown or float and sail with the report.
Straight to the point, no hold barred, it is what you believe that you become. QED! As a man thinketh in his heart, speaketh with his mouth and doeth with his hands in correspondence actions, so he is. Even if he is not yet 'is' so he will certainly become.
It shall be unto you according to your faith. Not according to the opinion of any about you, positive or negative. As thou has believed so shall it done unto thee. Apart from being a statement of fact, direct from the mouth of The Master of the universe Himself, it is the law that governs His universe. More real than the law of gravity.
Therefore for any to speak or teach against the subject of faith, positive imagination and right envisioning, without which no man can please God, is to slide into a cesspool of error and heresy. Hebrews 11:6
"....for he that cometh to God must believe...."
A moment of fear, doubt, negative thoughts and evil imaginations cost Job all he laboured and gathered. Job 3:25
God may have given the devil the go ahead. But when he came and found these 2 items of fear and insecurity in Job's heart, it was just a smooth ride for him. And item by item in a jiffy, he cleared all Job gathered in human and material resources, with little or no resistance!
Wanna hear the bitter truth today?
Like God permitted the devil after Job, so has He permitted him after any man, believers and non believers.
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But when he comes to a believer and met a STIFF and STEADFAST resistance from a confident faith resident heart, he flees! I Peter 5:9.
One thing is for God to allow the devil to come after you, another thing is for him to come and find a stiff resistance from you! When he came to Jesus, he found this same stiff resistance and left Him.
Three times he came, three times Jesus stood His ground!
Should he come again and meets the same stiff resistance in you and me, and he comes again and again but meets the same scenario, he leaves and look for someone else.
I pray today that the devil will leave you and look for someone else, in Jesus Name.
And for you not to be the that someone else he will look for, run to Jesus today, as fast as your leg can carry you.
Let no one intimidate you with the devil again. With Christ power resident in you, you can resist and overcome  him and every of his devices and agents.
Embrace Christ Jesus today and receive His power to dominate and rule over every affair of life.


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