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How To Be Naturally Supernatural

Words In Season:
It is good know who you are, but it is far better to know Who God is. The combination of both form the spinal cord of supernatural living.
              Thing King's Scribe

".....but the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits"
                            Daniel 11:32

Knowing and understanding your sonship status with God and His Fatherhood is the backbone  of the supernatural. Both go hand in hand. You can know all the names of God and not be one of His sons. If you in are in doubt listen to the 5:30 a.m. voices on our loudspeakers each morning. They can recites all His names off head in a foreign language but they don't know Him neither does He know them! And one of them, a world renowned musician has been very categorical in one of his songs that God don't know any, neither does He want any to know Him, except those who abolutions. Which is raw lie from the pit of hell!
And rather unfortunately many of those He know as His Own sons does not know Who The El Edonai really is. All they have been doing all in the name of "holiness" is playing safe with Him, lest He get angry with them and punish them. You don't play safe with a good loving father. Your love for such father will propel you to obey him and please and not displease him at all times. Not out of avoiding his punishments but out of sincere desire to see him pleased and happy with you at all times. Doing the contrary now become your fear and dread. From that kind of love a healthy fear of God sprout from and flourish. Therefore whatever he allows you allow. And whatever he forbids is forbidden!
But it is still a surprise that not many reckoned with the supernatural in Christianity. Because there is more to miracles of healing, the lame walking, the blind receiving their sight the deaf hearing and the dumb speaking, when it comes to the supernatural. All these are of course manifestations of the supernatural. Call them the miraculous arm and aspect.
But more to these are the the power of God at work in our day to day lives. The power of God at work in our day to day living. Be it our offices, neighborhood, in the market place, just name any area. Many men and Christians take God's power granted in two ways:  1. Trying to explain it away when it manifest in the ordinary instead of the spectacular or not be sensitive enough to notice it when it is at work FOR them. 2. When it is at work against them as in God proving Himself mighty on behalf of a brother cheated and oppressed, they still keep insulting the brother and calling him names, instead of repenting for the siege to be over. Then the siege remains and more of it, far worse keep coming.
But if it is a voodoo priest with all his regalia, even Christians will dive for cover and dare not speak a word. And if any them manage to speak, it is to be pleading the blood of Jesus or be speaking in emergency tongues!
But meanwhile an anointed carrier of a power that can fry that voodoo priest like a chicken is beside them, and they are molesting and insulting him day in day day out. Asking to him bring his clothes to wipe their mouths when they finish eating!
And the more God fights for him, with an evidence so glaring, the more insults they heap on. And so they keep suffering.
It 102 soldiers being turned to ashes before the leader of third band of 50 soldiers realised that Elijah is not just an ordinary bearded homeless  bump sitting on rock cliff.
When are we going to wake up in this perverse generation and perilous times, to understand that some men are not ordinary as they look? But rather more than ordinary? I pray God enable us to swallow our ego and be sensitive to identify men we don't treat just anyhow. To identify men we don't just cheat and wrong and get away with it. Yes they are there among us in the church and in our neighbourhood, not wearing titles or clergy collars. But when you touch them or touch their things, you touch the apple of God's eye.
You need not much theology to be an apple of His eyes. All you need is a pure heart and a clean hand. A humble heart that does not lift up itself to vanity. A heart that loves what God loves and hate what God hates.
The journey begins with giving your heart to Jesus and allowing Him cleanse it with His blood. Same goes for your hands. Let him cleanse your hands white as snow with His blood.


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