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Three Things We All Crave

Words Of Knowledge:

Make yourself relevant wherever you find yourself, and men will notice you and give you the attention others are dying to get.
    Soji Omole

"Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly unto them; that thy profiting may appear unto all"
  I Timothy 4:15

This is a common denominator among both the The Creator and all His creatures. They all desire one thing. It is called: ATTENTION.
God wants it from His creature and children. That is why He is called a jealous God. And He will go to any length to get your attention and shift it from those smaller idols, even if it will  mean hitting you with a big brick of affliction to get, if all thing else fails.
The devil wants it because he is both jealous and proud. So he roars like a lion just to get it. Bravados and empty threats are part of his game plans, all to get the attention he needs.
God's motive is pure and is a matter claiming His right and that which rightfully belongs to Him. The devil's motive is impure and devious. An impostor of no gender, trying to claim what does not belong to him. Trying to reap where he has not sown.
Men's motives and intention are rather mixed and complex.
Haman want attention from Mordecai. Something Mordecai was not ready to oblige him. And that made him miserable all day long. So miserable was Haman that he felt he has had enough of Mordecai and therefore plotted to make a good riddance of Mordecai for good. The plot backfired on his face as we all knew the rest of the story.
If any is in doubt, let Him read the entire book of Ruth in The Bible.
The inward craving of everyman, no matter how he or she pretends is recognition and attention from others. A longing to be noticed and appreciated.
You need not go the way of Haman, in order to gain attention and recognition and be noticed. Lest you end up in the gallows you dug for others who refuse to give you that luxury.
Nor must you resort to the game of arrogance and pride, putting others down to elevate yourself, vaunting up yourself and being boastful. The boomerang effect of such ungodly habits is better imagined than experienced.
Not only does it make you detested and abhorred by God, it also put you in the black book of men and the society.
All you need is do is these two things, and heaven will recognise you and so the earth.
1. Mortify that craving for attention, recognition and seeking to be noticed by being humble and quieter wherever you find yourself. Even if you know everything(which I don't believe any mortal is capable of anyway), pretend as if you know nothing and listen to others.
Before honour is humility, as it is written.
2. Begin in your own little way to make your contributions, add value and make impacts wherever you find yourself. Not to be seen of men, but as unto God. These will now begin to showcase your relevance in the scheme of things. Then men will begin to notice you without you necessarily drawing attention to yourself.
Any recognition and attention garnered from these, have a stamp of God's approval, even that of men's. They are durable, long lasting and can even outlast you.
All said and done, above all things God need your attention. All these years, He has been speaking to you, wanting you turn to Him, even return to Him.
Today if you hear His voice, harden not your heart. Come to God through Christ Jesus, and He will save you to the uttermost.


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