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They Call It Jet Age, God Calls It End Time

Words In Season:
In those days, the evil that men do lives after them; but nowadays the evil and the consequences of evil that men do lives with them.
          A Kingdom patriot

"While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, day and night shall not cease"
                     Genesis 8:22

In those those days, you wait days maybe a week to collect pictures of shots taken by a photographer. But nowadays, it has even gone beyond 'wait and get' All you need is to do is simply download it in soft copies and print out hard copies in a jiffy!
Same goes for law of seedtime and harvest these days.
Yes call it law of 'cause and effect' Or call it law of 'garbage in garbage out" you are still in order.  Or call it the law 'input and output' As in a computer. You type in or click it and bingo, it appears on the computer screen. And if necessary corrections are not made and you click 'PRINT', exactly and precisely what you typed and designed, will be rolled out in raw hardcopy!
Facing the consequences of his misdeeds in raw hard copy format
So has God designed things to work in these days of the latter rain. Has He not said that "I will hasten My Word to perform it" in this end time? Jeremiah 1:12. People of the world call it jet age, God calls it end time.
Therefore as believers, we need to test and examine our ways. Test and examine our ways and dealings with God and with our fellow men. You betrayed the confidence, cheated and defrauded your fellowman of his hard earned resources and you still expect him to deal with you again?
A seed produces after
it's own kind
Though he forgives you, never can he trust you again. Yet again God will have to requite it back from you at the current end time jet speed. So both ways the cheat and the crook lose out.
1. He lost out in not being able to be trusted again by the guy he cheated or rather betrayed in any dealing, business or otherwise; and several referrals from the guy, if the guy happens to be a marketer and promoter of products, services and people like me.
2. He faces squarely the consequence of his actions from God and His laws that works with both end time speed.
Either way he lost out. Its like he burning his stick at both ends.
Or your own is is raw rude crudity of conduct toward others. Then you expect respect and courtesy from that same others. Even God said in His Word "...them that honour Me I will honour, and they that despise Me shall be lightly esteemed" I Samuel 2:30
Sorry guy, you can't be despising others and expect that same others to respect hold you in high esteem.
That is reaping where you have not sown.
You can't reap where you
have not sown;
respect begets respect
Any whoever therefore still honours you are only doing eyes service and digging your grave underneath your own very feet!
Respect begets respect.
Being smart and conceited in your own eyes in your own eyes is to ignore the call of grace, that is only available by Christ Jesus. This grace has appeared unto all men, teaching them to deny ALL things that unrighteous and not of good conduct. This grace is available for you today in abundance if only and if only you can repent of your evil ways, come to Jesus and believe in His saving grace.


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