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The Horses Before The Chariot In Soul Winning

Words In Season:
Drafting men into the harvest field, without first equipping and empowering them is like drafting soldiers into the battle field without training and equipping them.
              The King's Scribe 
"But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem,  and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth"
                                  Acts 1:8

Again I am going to touch raw nerves, but I will as much as possible try to be mild and gentle. Nobody can be more interested in growing his church more than the One who said "upon this rock I will build My Church"
For the Master Builder is not just out to build a local congregation and denomination with numerical strength but a Kingdom and a global army that will enforce the laws of this same Kingdom and secure the territorial integrity against enemies and invaders.

We could now see the urgency of this mission surpassing that of any denomination or local mission! Yet The Master did not rush out the harvesters into the harvest field. Rather He asked them to tarry still until they be endued with power from on high.
Master Jesus understands the urgency of this mission, but at the same time got a grasp of the challenges and dangers involved in the task. Knowing that you are going into a strong man's house to loose his captives, Jesus knows the strong man is not going to take things lying low without putting up a fight. It is therefore going to take confronting the strongman blow for blow,  force to force and strength for strength. Therefore asked He the disciples to tarry until they receive enough spiritual stamina and power to weird superior fire power over the strong man, and then spoil his goods - souls of men!
And what a raid they made out of the camp of the strongman, on their first day of outing on Pentecost day!! Acts 2:1, 14 - 36, 37 - 41.
If Jesus adopted the strategy of superior fire power needed to win any battle in winning battle for souls, by first empowering the soul winners, it amazes me then why we would draft fresh converts on a soul winning mission. Converts just fresh from captivity, that needed time to convalescent, recover and recuperate. But bingo, we hands them a KJV Bible and asks them out for evangelism!

The outcome is better imagined than experienced. But sad enough in reality, the outcome is rather being experienced than imagined today in the Church. Novices raising novices, charlatans mentoring charlatans, strange conducts, several wounded in the battle field with no ambulance to evacuate them to safety and for medical attention. Because the ambulance drivers themselves are either wounded in the battle field or ran for dear life!
How then do we get out of this mess?
By following closely The Master and adopting His pattern and strategy for soul winning. QED. Which is equipping, empowering and training the soul winners first, before sending them out. 
The disciples had this testimony that they "have been with Jesus"
And it was never on record the number of souls Jesus won,  when He was in the carpentry work shop.  But after He "returned in the power of The Spirit" His word word was power. It was not even the demons He first begin to command, it was men. "Follow me" And they will drop whatever they are going and follow him. Peter,  Andrew,  James,  John Matthew,  Levi. They never resisted His Word.  "Follow me" And that was it. 
Why? Because He "returned in the power of The The Spirit"

When a soul winner returns in the power of the power of The Spirit,  his words become law. Men will never resist him with disputes and debates. Same Peter and Co did not resist Jesus, when He said "Follow Me"
We can't but go and do likewise before going out ourselves or drafting men into the harvest field.
Cajoling and haranguing men will achieve little or no result. We just have return to the basics of discipleship.
Yet someone somewhere there need to take off from somewhere today. And the take point is to surrender even before the battles starts, in this Kingdom with principles that are diametrically opposite to that of the world.
In the world, you hold your ground,  but in this Kingdom you surrender first. You surrender your will to the lordship of A Master first. Jesus is that Master. A master that is more interested in your spiritual welfare before you go out to win the souls, after all you are also one of the souls He is after anyway.
Surrender to His Lordship today and be saved.

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